9 Best Cab Booking Apps to Unstopable Travelling

Tired to finding a taxi or cab ? Cheack 9 best cab booking apps for Android to book a cab without any hustle & in just minutes.

Cabs or taxis are one of the important source of transportation espcially in India where population is growing day by day & need a large medium of transportation.

There are many Cab Services are availabel in india as well as world. Here we discuss both of parts one by one.

In this modern life where people dosen’t have much time to finding a taxi in roads, Cabs are playing a key role in India. When this service are started, its not far popular at this time & runs only in Metro Cities of India viz. Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi & afew more. But this time, this type of service providers serve 300+ small & medium cities in India.

Why Cabs Service Are Importent ?

Imagine you need to go anywhere for your urgent work & you can’t find a taxi or auto to go. Its really no matters how much you wave your hand to stop a taxi but anyone of can’t stop to drop you to your goal place.


Its really irritating, I’m also faced this problem many times when I am traveled through city buses or in taxis.

In old days, you don’t have any other alternative source & still you need to wait for a taxi.


In this days, when you facing this type of situation, just take your smartphone & open cab booking app.

At the same time when cab service is started in India, many of peoples think that booking a taxi or cab through cab book app is as hard like understanding Newton’s Gravity Law.

But believe me you just need to open your app & book a cab in just 2 minutes.

You can book a taxi in just few steps viz. Pick your destination, choose a cab & now pay with your own choice.

What’s more……there are no more steps. Just wait afew minutes & cab is arrived to pick you.

But its isn’t easy to find a right taxi service every time ? For you we listed some 9 best apps for cab booking you can use to go anywhere.

5 Best Cab Booking Apps in India :-

Firstly we explore best apps for cab booking in India.


1 . OLA :-

OLA is also titled as Uber of India & its very much similar like Uber to use. However OLA Cab App is one of the highly successful cab service in India withover 100+ Million coustmers.


You can filter your features & find the best one which you need. There are many popular travel option viz. Auto, Micro, Mini, Bike, Prime, Outstation, Rentals & more. You just need to pick any one of the travel option & get ready to enjoy.

OLA is indian cab banglore based company, Founded by Bhavish Aggarwal.

After find a massive success in india, OLA Cab App also expand their service in forgein countries Australia, Newzeland, UK etc.

OlA served their service in more then 100 big & small cities in India. If you searching a best ride hailing service in india, OLA is an ultimate choice for everyone.

OLA App Info :-

1. Released On :- Jun 1, 2012
2. App Size  :- 25.18 MB
3. Downloads :- 100+ Million.
4. Ratings :- 4.1
5. Offerd By :- OLA


OLA Cab App Download for Android :- Click Here

2 . Uber :-

Uber is World’s top notch choice when we talking about cab booking apps as well as in India its give hard competetion to OLA.


Uber Cab App is now World’s fastest growing cab booking service with 500+ million worldwide coustmers. Uber set a new level of safety, flexibility & easility.

You just need to open this app & set a destination, choose your prefer cab, now pay in your own method. Just wait afew minutes & nearby driver pick you & drop your goal place.

If you really care about your safty then Uber Cab App provides you door-to-door safty feature & also location sharing option when you fault something wrong.

Uber started its service in 2013 in India & now its providing their service in many large & medium cities in India.

Uber App Info :-

1. Released On  :- Oct 28, 2010.
2. App Size. :- 55 MB
3. Downloads :- 500+ Million
4. Ratings  :- 4.4
5. Offred By. :- Uber Technologies. Inc.

Uber Cab Download App for Android :- Click Here

3 . Indriver :-

inDriver is another fast growing ride hailing app withover 50+ million users. InDriver is served in 33 countries as well as in India.


Its really easy to book a cab in inDriver app. You just need to open & salect point A & point B. Now apply filters & pay money with your own way.

For safty, you can choose your driver & know their basic info. Also if you feel something wrong, you can share your location.

Apart from safety, you can also choose your travel option.

About inDriver App :-

1. Released On. :- May 18, 2015
2. App Size.     :-  13.69 MB
3. Downloads. :-  50+ Million
4. Ratings.        :- 4.6
5. Offred By.     :- SUOL Innovation Ltd.


Download inDriver Cab Book App :-
Click Here

4 . Meru Cabs :-

Meru Cabs is not give very much but alittle competetion to OLA & Uber cab booking service in india. This taxi booking app achive a far success in many prominant cities of india & now trying to establish mid cities.

This Mumbai based company is started in 2007 & founder is Neeraj Gupta. Now in India, its add 5 Million happy coustemers.

Booking a cab in meru cabs is very easy. Just open the app & salect the book now or book later option. Find the best rides & now wait for your cab.

You can made your payments through cash or also through UPI’s App.

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Track your real time location & explore about your cab driver. Also you get a e-receipt for easy travelling.

About Meru Cabs App :-

1. Released On   :- Jun 11, 2013
2. Apk Size.   :-  9.30 MB
3. Downloads :- 5+ Millions
4. Ratings  :-  3.7
5. Offred By   :-  Meru Cabs


Download Meru Cab App for Android :- Click Here

5 . Red Taxi :-

If you a taxi lover & want to travel in Taxi called Kali-Peeli then Red Taxi is ultimate choice for you. However its not far popular like OLA or Uber but still trying to find a good position.

As like other cab book app, Red Taxi also offred you many safety features viz. Drivers info, vecihle info & real time location share etc.

Red Taxi serves 7 big cities in India & the main thing is you doesn’t need to create multiple account.

Also the best part of Red Taxi is its show the price before travel so you can know how much you spend in travelling.

About Red Taxi App :-

1. Released On  :-  Jun 24, 2016
2. Apk Size :- 4.96 MB
3. Downloads :- 500K+
4. Ratings  :- 4.1
5. Offred By :- Eagle Fleet Services Pvt. Ltd.

Download Red Taxi App Now :- Click Here.

So this are 5 best apps for booking cabs. If you lived in India, sure cheackout anyone or a cab booking app to go for long trip even in city roundup.

Now its time to cheack best cab booking app in all over world’s here.

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4 Best Cab Booking App for Worldwide :-

Want to know which taxi booking services are lead in World, so just cheack this article here & find best cab booking apps to use.


1 . Lyft :-

Lyft is popular cab service in United States. You can also called it Uber of USA however its not using in India.


Lyft provides their users top notch service & its really helpful when you have very urgent work or timely arrived in airport. Its find a best nearby driver for you in just seconds & drop you to in afew minutes.

Using to book a cab in Lyft is very simple, all thanks go to their App UI which makes your booking time very smooth.

For safety, its comes with all essential features.

The one thing which I want to told about this app is, its more costleir then OLA or Uber however its more luxirious.

So if you lived in USA, what next ??

Make a plan & book your cab on Lyft.

About Lyft Cab Book App :-

1. Released On  :-  Aug 28, 2012

2. Apk Size.      :-  62.24 MB
3. Downloads  :-  10+ Million
4. Ratings.       :- 3.8
5. Offred By.   :- Lyft.Inc


Downlaod Lyft Cab Book App :- Click Here

2 . Grab Taxi :-

Grab Taxi is another quite popular taxi booking service. Accutally its not only cab booking company but also a food deliever & documents sender, so you can enjoy multiple features at a time.


Grab Taxi is launched in Malesiya & after finding high success its offering their service in Phillipines, Indonesia, Thiland, Hong kong & many other countries.

You can easily book a taxi or private car for long travelling even city roundup with cashless feature. Grab taxi offres a wide renge of travel option with largest driver community in the region.

Grab also offres a wide vareity of service viz. Grab plus, grab primium, grab taxi, just grab, grab bike, grab car etc. You just need to add your filters & find the best results.

About Grab Taxi App :-

1. Released On. :-  May 30, 2013
2. Apk Size  :- 73.69 MB
3. Downloads :- 100+ Millions
4. Ratings :- 4.4*
5. Offred By  :- Grab Holdings

Download Grab Taxi Book App :- Click Here

3 . Didi Global Rider :-

You can also says Didi Cab app, china’s Uber cab service. Its much popular in China & trying to enetry in global market.

Its provides service in many countries of world viz. Australia, Japan, USA & many more.

In the world of public transportation, didi cab service is one of the leading company.

Its offred you a braod vareity of car & taxis. You just need to add the filetrs & its show thousend of results, you need to choose any one.

Booking a cab in Didi is not a hard work. Just open this app & tap on request for ride option. Now set your location & find travel option. Just cheack about driver info & now pay with your own method.

So if you lived in china or any other country where didi cab service is availabel, sure try this ride hailing app once.

About Didi Cab App :-

1. Released On  :-  Apr 18, 2018
2. Apk Size.  :-  64.53 MB
3. Downloads :-  10+ Millions
4. Ratings  :-  4.2
5. Offred By  :- Didi Global


Download Didi Global Driver App :- Click Here

4 . Kakao Taxi Boking App :-

Kakao is Korea based cab booking service which now highly popular in many countries of world.


Its give a tough competetion to Uber in Korea. Like other cab booking app, this app also provides a faster, flexible & fearless service to their coustmers.

All you need to download & book a cab using Kakao cab book app. Its offres you a wide renge of travel salection to meet your requirement.

You can also book a primium driver, for more better collaboration with her & arrived safely.

About Kakao Cab Booking App :-

1. Released On.  :-  Nov. 10, 2017
2. Apk Size  :- 65.07 MB
3. Downloads :- 10+ Millions
4. Ratings  :-  4.1*
5. Offred By. :- Kakao Mobility Corp.


Download Kokao Taxi App :- Click Here

So this are our best cab booking apps worldwide. If you lived anyone of country, must try their cab service.

If you think we miss any one of better Taxi Booking App pls tell us on contact box.

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Final Words :-

Travelling is one of the best part in our life. When we travel anywhere, we got some special moments from our trip. For travlling we must need cabs & now days for going anywhere even in locality, we must need cabs.

Its not a time where we need to wave our hand in air to stop any bus or auto & I know its really irritating when we do it for 1 to 2 hour & no one is arrived.

Cab is more importent when we need to anywhere in urgent, so just open your smartphone & book a cab through such cab booking apps.

So cabs are making our life very easier & its not very expensive as many peoples think.

What’s Next…… Plan A Trip, don’t forget to book a Cab!!


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