Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 : Best Smartphones Deals You Can’t Afford to Loose

Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020 is started in few days. Here we share 9 Exclusive deals on Smartphone to watchout in Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020. Belive me or not, you can save Upto 40-60% on this smartphone deals. 
Amqzon Great Indian Festival 2020 is kicked out from October 17. Cheack the best ever Smartphones Deals on this Sale here to save big money.
As we all know Amazon Great Indian Sale is India’s one of the best sale arranged by World’s leading E-Commerce platfrom Amazon. This sale is organised in Amazon India site. 
This biggest ever sale is kicked of from October 17, 2020 for everyone. For Amazon Prime Members, this sale is started 24 hours earlier means October 16, 2020 at sharp 12.00 AM.
So if you want to explore some exclusive deals with big savings, get ready to shopping with amazon india at sharp 12.00 AM till night.
In our previous article, Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020 we told everything about this sale. If you doesn’t read, plz visit once. Here we share many cool information ragarding to great indian sale 2020.
 Amazon is leading E- Commerce store in World as well as India. Here Smartphone is one of the most selling product people’s buy. 
So we make a post here we share full deatils about Best Smartphone Deals in this Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale 2020. 
Let’s explore the best & exclusive smartphone deals here.

1. IPhone 11 :-

If you’re a Apple flagship phone lover & want to buy Apple Phone, this is golden time for you.
Why ?… Explore here
Every year Amazon featured a product which attract audience & make hype of sale. So this year Amazon make this hype with Apple Iphone 11. 
Belive me or not, after the launch of IPhone 11, its a first time where this Apple Flagship Phone price will be drop at below Rs.50,000. 
IPhoen 11 price is at the time, Rs.68,300 for same varient means if you buy through this amazon sale, you save more then 18,000 INR.
Yes, you can buy the base varient of Apple IPhone 11 (4GB+64GB) at below Rs.50,000. However Amazon not revealed the exact price but its confirmed that the price will be set at Rs.50,000 sub catrogry.
Apple IPhone 12 series snartphone is just launched in India. This smartphone is lighter, faster & more powerful then IPhone 11 but there price is very high & its really disappointed the Apple Lovers.
IPhone 11 is still India’s one of the best flagship smartphone. Belive me Camera of IPhone 11 is unbeatable & Performence is surprisingly powerful with A13 Bionic cheap.
So our final word is if you plan to buy any flagship phone in 2020 especially Apple phones, just wait few days & grab this biggest ever offer. i think this deal on Apple IPhone 11 never come again.

2. OnePlus 8 5G :-

Another best deal on flagship smartphone if you really want to buy..
Oneplus 8 5G is receantly 
launched oneplus primium mid flagship phone & also Oneplus 8T is on the way to launch in this Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020. 
Oneplus 8 Series are really a promising phone come with many flagship phone features like display, processor, design & build quality etc. Anyone of factor, oneplus doesn’t upset you in this series of phones.
During this sale, Oneplus set a price drop for their Oneplus 8 5G series smartphones. You can buy the base varient of Oneplus 8 under Rs 40,000 sub category.
Its really a big deal for every oneplus lover…
The exact price of Oneplus 8 5G base varient (6GB+128GB) is Rs.39,999/-. Two other vareint price are 8GB/128GB price is 41,999/- & higher varient 12GB/256GB price is 44,999/-.
The base varient price of Oneplus 8 5G is around Rs.41,999/- if you buy today.
So grab this opportunity , its never come again with same exclusive deals & best offers.

3.Samsung Galexy S10 :-

Samsung Flagship Smartphone series Galexy phones are still very powerful phones. When Samsung Galexy S20 Ultra is launched, its considerd as Most Powerful Android Smartphone ever. 
Samsung Galexy S10 is launched very earleir but this smartphone is still worth to buy & in this sale its a hot deal which you really can’t afford to loose.
You can buy this Samsung Flagship phone at Rs.44,999/- in this sale. If you buy this phone with Samsung official website or Amazon, the price is around Rs 74,999/-. 
So you can calculate the money you can save. I think Rs.20,000 & its really a big save. 
Cheackout the Best Smartphones Here :-

4. Oneplus Nord 5G :-

The Cheapest 5G Smartphone avaialebel in India to buy is now go to sale. Oneplus Nord 5G is a primum mid renge smartphone to compete Samsung Galexy M51.
This phone is powered woth Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G chipset & triple rear camera system which primary camera is 48 MP. Another features is really cool, which makes it ultimate choice of buyers. 
However phone users is facing some issues with this phone but not a major problem.
You can buy Oneplus Nord 5G phone base vareint you can buy Rs.24,000/- which currently in Rs.28,000/-price segment.

5. Samsung Galexy M51 :- 

Samsung M series powerful smartphone Samsung Galexy M51 is launched few months ago & its a best choice of coustmers.
Samsung M51 is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset with a power combo of 7000 mAh biggest ever battery which sure gives you 4 to 5 days backup on normal use.
You can buy this mid flagship smartphone by samsung in Rs 22,999/-. 
At this time this phone price will be set upto Rs.28,999/- means you can calulate how much you can save on this sale.

6. Oneplus 7T Pro :-

Oneplus 7T Pro is launched a year ago & its one of the best flagship phone by Oneplus. 
Omeplus 7T is primium mid renge smartphone with full view display. Phone is powerd with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset. Also comes with SAMOLED Display & many more powerful features.
Price of Oneplus 7T Pro base vareint is around Rs.43,999/-. At the sane time when you buy with any other platform, this phone cost will Rs.53,999/-.
You can save Rs.10,000 if you buy this primium flagship phone through this sale.

7. Vivo V17 :-

Vivo V17 is launched previous year, this phone come in very high price if we see their features. So this phone can’t attract much audeince.
But in this sale you can easily cheackout this phone at really affordable & right price. 
You can buy Vivo V17 at just Rs.17,990/-. 
At the same time, the phone price is around Rs.27,990/- means you cansave Rs.10,000 in this sale if you buy this phone.

8. Redmi Note 9 Pro :-

Xiaomi sub brand Redmi Note series phones are well know for their good specs, top notch features & honest pricing.
Here every year new Redmi Note series phones are create a standard for mid renge smartphone. Now this time, they launched Redmi Note 9 series smartphones. 
They all are available in this Great Indian Sale 2020. So here in this sale you can buy Redmi Note 9 Pro just at Rs.12,999/- for base vareint. 
If you buy any other platfrom you need to pay 16,999/- for the same varient. So you can save Rs.4000 /-. 
Its a great deal if you’re a Xiaomi phone lover & also want to buy any mid renge feature pack smartphone.

9. OPPO A52 :-

The newly released OPPO A series smartphone OPPO A52 is now going on this sale. If you’re instrested in this oppo mid renge mobile, you can buy with a big discount.
Here in Amazon Sale 2020 you can cheackout this OPPO Smartphone at just Rs.13,990/- for base vareint.
At the sane time when you buy this mobile with any other place, you need to pay Rs.19,990/-. can calculate how.much money you’re save. You can save upto Rs. 6000/- which makes this smartphone offer as a Exclusive deal.
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So this are 9 Smartphones Deals to lookout in Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020. 

Final Words :-

Here we told you 9 best smartphone exclusive deals in this Amazon Sale 2020. Here our final word is say you to this deals are really a big money saver.
Here we also told you sale price & orignal price. You may easily compare & calculate how much money you can save. 
So let’s explore this sale & bring this smartphone at very heavy discounts & offers. 

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