Best WiFi Hacking Apps in 2020 to Hack WiFi Like A Pro[2020 Edition]

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Data is a one of the required things in our life.sometimes when your mobile net is slow or if you don’t have data in your mobile ,so you need a Wi-Fi which gives you data to run your different apps & complete your work.
Many times peoples ask me how we can hack a WiFi. So in this post we describes how you can hack a we describes 18 best hacking app for wifi which sure may help you to cracks a WiFi.
In this hackers world’s  we all know that you can’t use your Whatsapp , Facebook ,Instagram ,Google & as well as you can’t do any online work because data is necessary for this all essential works.So here we share best wifi hack app which helps you to connect any WiFi without entering password.

Why WiFi Hacking Apps Are Required :-

WiFi hacking apps are find WiFi signals near you & tried to connect them.When you usually connect to a WiFi ,before connecting WiFi password is requires but if you don’t know this password you can’t connect through WiFi.So here in this situations this apps are really helpful for everyone which want to connect a WiFi but don’t know their password.
The another advantage you can’t waste your money on mobile data you can easily use WiFi.This certain apps helps you to access WiFi without spending a buck.

18 Best Hacking App For WiFi in 2020 :-

Here we describes best apps which allows you to access any WiFi. This all apps are available in play store however we also given download link.If you want to downalod any app ,you just click on link & You’ve redirect in download page of Play store.

Note :- here we share this article with you only for education purpose & expected you to use this apps to your own security.hacking a WiFi without their owner permissions is criminal offense.So please use this tools responsibly.

1.Aircrack – NG

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This is most trusted & used apps by many WiFi hackers .This app comes with all essential features which you need to crack a WiFi password. 

According to their name Aircrack – ng , its crack wifi password .this app availbe in Android as well as Ubuntu & most used hacking app in these platform.
This apps includes WPA/WPA 2 -PSK Cracker & also a analysis tool for wireless LANs.(Local Area Networks).
Using this popular WiFi hacking app is developed by many android developers & security by enthusiasts.

Required Things :-

If you use this apps some essential things which is necessary to use this apps are :-

  1. You must need a Rooted android device
  2. USB OTG Adapter Means Charger 
  3. Wireless USB Adapter
  4. Your Work Skill , must be patience.
You can use or run this app without any problem in android , most of people stuck to finding a WiFi which supports Monitor mode.So if you use this app I sure you mostly  access to any WiFi.
Air Crack-NG App Info :-
1.Released On. :- 12-04-2017
2. Category.      :- Network & Communication
3. App Size.      :- 16.90 MB
4. Downloads. :- 1Million+
Key Features of Air Crack NG App :-
1. Better Documentation & Support
2. More cards/drivers support
3. WEP dictionary attack
4. Improved cracking mode
5. WPA migration mode.
Download Air Crack-NG Apk :- ClickMe!!

2.WiFi WPS WPA Tester :-

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The another great WiFi hacking app available in play store.this popular featureful WiFi hacking app developed by Saniorgl SRL & this app developed for the intention to scan the WiFi networks for Velnurabilities. 
The WiFi Hacking app tested the connection to access point with WPS Pin.which is calculated using various algorithms :-
  1. Zhao
  2. Belkin (Root)
  3. FTE – xxx
  4. Blink
  5. Asus 
  6. Arise
  7. Trend net.

Required :-

  1. This apps work only Android v4.0 devices or upper versions.
  2. If you using Lollipop or upper versions ,you don’t need to root your device to use this app.
This app is another great app & most of thing this is first WiFi hacking apps of lists which is available in playstore.So you cvan easily download it or you can also download it from below given download link.
Wifi WPS WPA Tester App Info :-
1. Updated On. :- 6 November 2020
2. App Size.       :- 12MB+
3. Downloads.  :- 50 Million+
4.Require Android Version :- v4.1 or Higher
4. Offred By.     :- Sangiogi Srl
Wifi WPS WPA Tester Apk Features :-
1. Helps to ensure that your network is secured.
2. Fast connect with any nearby wifi.
3. User freindly & simple GUI.
4. Easy to use.
5. Yet Powerful & comes with advance features.
Download Wifi WPS WPA Tester App :- ClickMe!!

3.WiFi Kill :-

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Just like her name this a WiFi killer app which allows you to access a WiFi.WiFi is one of the most common using WiFi hacking app by ethical hackers.The UI of this app is very simple , so you’re a beggnier we recommended you to use this app because its simple yet powerful interface.
This is a open source app.This app really useful when you want to connects a open source WiFi network or WPA which dont secure a strong password.
This apps also shows you you the traffic which is used this can also use this app to know what’s other are downloading or browsing to this same network.

So if you want a simple yet powerful WiFi hacking app , our suggestion is you use this on download link to download this WiFi Kill app.this app supports are android versions so you can use this app any older to older android versions.

Wifi Kill App Info :-

1. App Size.     :- 9.9MB
2. Category.     :- Network & Communication.
3. Require Android Version :- v4.0 or higher
4. Letest Version. :- 2.3.2 
Key Features of WPS WPA Tester :-
1. It will show you all connected device with same network.
2. You can disable the internate access of any grabbed devices.
3. Compatible with every devices.
4. Monitor network.
5. Helps you to find the list of websites visited with grabbed devices.
Download WiFi Kill App :- ClickMe!!

4.WPS Connect :-

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The most popular WiFi hacking app WPS Connect used by many android hackers.If you want to finding a featureful app I recommended you t this app.

This WiFi hacker app helps to hack any WiFi password with root & also strengthen your WiFi network.if you looking for cheack the security , you can use this app. his WiFi hacking app generally targets those networks which are easily vulnerable(accessible).once you identify a vulnerable(accessible) network you can quickly get the password & now you’re ready to play with WiFi.
This apps uses some algorithms which we describes below :-

  • Zhao
  • EasyboxPIN
  • Blink
Most probably you’ve successful hack a WiFi using this app because its supports maximum numbers of routers.The problem of using this app is only one & that is this app doesn’t supports many android versions.the app interface is simple & if you’re a beginner & don’t know how to use this type apps , sure helpful for you.

WPS Connect App Info :-

1. Updated On.  :- July 31, 2019.
2. Apk Size.        :- 3.4 MB
3. Downloads.   :- 5Million+
4. Require Android Version :- v4.1 or higher
5. Offred By.       :- Wifi Password Team Pro.
WPS Connect Features :- 
Download WPS Connect Apk :-ClickMe!!

5.ZAnti :-

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ZAnti is mobile penetration testing WiFi hacking toolkit app which helps you to find amount of vulnerability(accessibility).this app allows the security managers to analyze risk level of network.If you’re a beginner so this is great option for you because its simple UI & much powerful functions.

You can use ZAnti to prevent the target to access any website or server which you want to access.if you’re knowing the security of your WiFi network ,this app is must for you.
ZAnti App Info :- 

1. Letest Update On :- Jul 12, 2020
2. Downloads.   :- 500K+
3. Apk Size         :- 744kb
4. Released On. :- Sep 25, 2014
5. Offred By.       :- Zimperium INC.
Features of ZAnti App Wifi Hacking Application :-

1. Shellshock device vulnerability scanner.
2. Fast & user frenidly interface 
3. Deatiled support.
4. Token credit system for advance features.
Download ZAnti Wifi Hacking Tool Here :- ClickMe!!

6 . Kali Linux Nethunter :-

Kali Linux Nethunter was founded by Mati Aharoni & is currently opreated by Offensive Security Pvt. Lmt. Kali Hunter is another best app for wifi hacking which i recommended you to. Kali Nethunter let helps their users to overcome with problem of configuration files. 
Their is only one bad thing in Kali Linux Nethunter is here kernals provided in Kali Nethunter android app is by defualt don’t support 802.11 wireless injection. 
However many enterprising app developer find way to download this wifi hacking app for free with unofficial way. 
When we talk about Desktop, Kali Linus Nethunter is most polular linux distro for ethical hacking purpose.
Kali Linux NetHunter Apk Info :-

 1. Updated On  :- 2018
 2. App Size.       :- 3.4 MB
 3. Downloads.  :- 50K+
 4. Require Android Version :- Android v3.2 or Above
 5. Developer.    :- Kali Production 
Kali Linux Nethunter Features :-

 1. 802.11 Wireless Injection & Ap Mode support with multiple support usb wifi cards.
 2. Support Bad USB MIIM attacks.
 3. Advance features to use like a pro
 4. Softwere defined ratio support  
Download Kali Linux Nethunter App :- ClickMe!!

7 . Reaver WiFi Hacking Application :-

If you can’t understand how this wifi hacking application are works then go with Reaver which is a simple to use Reaver GUI for Android use.
Reaver wifi hacking app provides you feature to shipping with monitor mode support can be activated & deactivated anytime.
Revear android wifi hacking app work on the basis of recover the passpharses. Its launches a bruce attack against WPS Registar Pin’s & recover the WPS/WPS 2 passphareses. 
In testing by many users rhey foound its working good & find the passpharses of any wifi in under 5 hours.
Reaver App Info :-

 1. App Size.   :- 719.31kb
 2. Require Android Version :- v2.0 or Up
 3. Developed By :- B cman
 4. Letest Version :- v1.30 
Features of Reaver Wifi Hacking Application :-

 1. Cheack how many users connected with same network.
 2. Explore full list of wifi network availabel near you.
 3. Also cheack their full deatils like Speed, Strength etc.
 4. Filter options to find best one.
 5. Fast & Relaible. 
Download Reaver App Here :- ClickMe!!

8 . NetSpoof :-

Netspoof is another wifi hacking app for android which helps you to explore websites on other peoples devices using your smartphone. 
When we talk about apps for wifi hacking, sure Netspoof is entering on top 10 list. 
But we mentioned you a thing about this app is its not a wifi hacking tool or app, its a spoofing app which also called Network Spoofer. 
Here for hack any wifi in Netspoof just download Net Spoof app & simply search wifi network availabel near you & log onto wifi network or simply choose what type of spoofing you want to done.
I know its not a pentration testing tool but its show you how easy or difficult to hack any wifi network with your android smartphone. 
Netspoof App Info :-
 1. App Size.   :- 1.5 MB
 2. Downloads :- 129K+
 3. Ratings.      :- 3.69*
 4. Letest Version :- v2.0.2 
Netspoof Apk Features :-

1. Redirect websites to other pages.
 2. delete random words to websites.
 3. many coustem mode.
 4. change all pictures to troll face.
 5. fast wifi password cracker upp. 
Download Netspoof Apk :- ClickMe!!

9 . dSploit :-

The great ever a wifi hacker app which not only helps you to hack any wifi but also helps you to control & manage the devices which are connected with this  network. 
So its be a good app if you want to control other devices. 
dSploit is much similar like WPA WPS Tester most popular wifi hacker app which is also find vulnerabelities means its a network pentration testing suite.
dSploit Apk Info :-

 1. Letest Version  :- 1.0.51b
 2. App Size.           :- 6.38 MB
 3. Require Android Version :- v2.5 or higher
 4. Updated On.    :- 17-08-2017
 5. App Category. :- Communication
 6. Developer.      :- Simone Mangaritelli
Features of dSploit :-

 1. Wifi password cracking
 2. Wifi inspector 
 3.   Router PWN
 4. Login Cracker
 5. Password Sniffer
 6. Script Injector
 7. Redirect to any perticular URL to of the hackers choice.
 8. Coustem filters. 
Download dSploit App Now :- ClickMe!!

10 . WiFi Inspector :-

Wifi Inspector is not exactly wifi hacking app its a WiFi security audit tool which is must useful for ethical hackers, computer security professionals & advance users.
Wifi inspect is control & monitor of wifi network owned by himself or any other with thier permission.
Its not only helps you to hack any wifi, also helps you to cheack how much people’s are connected with 
same wifi network & also cheack their IP adress to locate the device. 
You can also block their wifi network directly with using Wifi Inspector & its helps to limit your wifi use with few peoples. 
Wifi inspector working like butter in any devices & all thanks gone to their simple & fast UI but if you finding the best wifi hacking apps for android without root then its not for you because for working this app, you must need rooted device.
This app not only locate users ip adress but helps you identify the device kind which they are connected means its a laptop, android tv, smartphone etc.
Wifi  Inspector App Info :-

 1. Updated On. :- 12 May 2016
 2. Apk Size.      :- Not Definite
 3. Downloads.   :- 50Million+
 4. Require Android Version :- v2.3 or Up
 5. Offered By.    :- LK Interactive Service 
Wifi Inspector Wifi Hacking App Features :-

 1. Helps to find best wifi network 
 2. Real time monitoring of wifi networks
 3. Block connection of any user
 4. Explore Wifi networks signal strength & coverage deatils. 
Download Wifi Inspector App :- ClickMe!!
Also Explore :- 

11 . Wifi Analyzer :-

We all know wifi hacking is not a 2 minute maggie making process, its a time consuming & long process.
After the hard work of 1 to 2 hour when you know this wifi network which you hack is very slow speed (less then 50kb) belive me its really frustating for us.
So before hack any wifi we reccomended you to use this tool called Wifi Analyzer which let helps their users to measure the wifi network speed, relaibility & show in a graph. Its measure all availabel wifi network near you & helps you to find best one.
So if you dosent’t want to frustate with this complete wifi hacking process sure use Wifi Analyzer.
Wifi Analyzer Apk Info :-

 1. Updated On. :- November 5, 2020
 2. Apk  Size.     :- Indefinite 
 3. Downloads. :- 5Million+
 4. Require Android Version :- Varies
 5. Offered by  :- VREM Softwere 
Wifi Analyzer Features :-

 1. Analyze Wifi traffic.
 2. Complete analysis of network
 3. Fast connect with Wifi
 4. Dark or Light theme availabel
 5. Vendor/OUI database. 
Download Wifi Analyzer App :- ClickMe!! 

12 . Router Keygen :-

Router Keygen is a wifi hacking app which helps you to find wifi keys & thompson password to crack any wifi network near you not effect how much the network is strong.
Router Keygen is one of  the wifi hacker apps who find the Wi-Fi networks availabel near you & cheack if possible to genrate wifi key. Once you genrate the possible key, you can test them & luckly connect them.
You can connect with routers to work this app.
Router Keygen App Info :-

 1. Letest Update  :-November 26, 2017
 2. App Size.     :- 3.3 MB 
 3. Downloads :- 10Million+
 4. Require Android Version :- v4.1 or Up
 5. Offered By. :- Routerkeygen 
Features of Router Keygen :-

 1. Fast access with password protected networks.
 2. Simple GUI.
 3. Support numerous routers.
 4. Download & choose diffrent key dictionaries
 5. Also set the time gaps for automatic scanning. 
Download Router Keygen App :- ClickMe!!

13 . Wi-Fi Password Hacker Prank :-

If you finding a wifi hacking app which not require root access then Wi-Fi Password Hacker Prank is absolute choice for you.
However its not a much advance app in features, if you dont know anything about Wi-Fi hacking , its a choice for you.
As the name of app, Its a prank app which you can use to hack any Wi-Fi near you. Its a fun app to do with your freinds & office works.
Wifi Password Hacker Prank App Info :-

 1. Updated On. :- 26 October 2020
 2. Apk Size.   :- 5.6 MB
 3. Downloads :- 10Million+
 4. Require Android Version :- v4.4 or Higher
 5. Offered By.  :- Proid Developer 
Wifi Password Hacker Prank App Features :-

 1. Comes with basic features
 2. Best for beggniers
 3. For fun with freinds & showoff like a hacker.
 4. Same to wireless networks.
 5. Wifi Speed & Signal Finder. 
Download Wifi Password Hacker Prank :- ClickMe!!

14 . WiFi Password :-

The work of app is given in their name. So here you can hack any wifi availabel near you. 
Its one of the best Wi-Fi hacking app android you can easily download with Google. 
However this app find free wifi & connect them easily.
Wifi Password is one of the most popular app for wifi hacking with over more then 100 million worldwide users.
Wifi Password App Info :-

 1. Updated On  :- April 24, 2020
 2. App Size.       :- 6.7 MB
 3. Downloads.  :- 10Million+
 4. Require Android Version :- v4.1 or Up
 5. Developer.   :- Global Wi-Fi Technology. 
Wifi Password App Features :-

1. Explore a huge list of free Wi-Fi near you.
 2. Also test the security of network.
 3. Easy & fast connect with anyone.   
Download Wifi Password App :- ClickMe!!

15 . nMap :-

nMap is another great tool for hack any wifi. Also to see availabel hosts, services, packets etc. 
nMap is availabel to use with rooted as well as non rooted android device. 
However for using advance features you must need to root android device in simple way. 
nMap is useful for ethical hacking & finding vulanerability.
Nmap App Info :-

 1. App Size.   :- 1.57 MB
 2. Availabel Platform :- Android
 3. Letest Version :- 5.5.1
 4. Publish Date.  :- 2017-11-09
 5. Require Android Version :- v4.0.3 or Higher
Features of nMap :-

 1. Simple to use.
 2. Works in Rooted & Non Rooted Android devices.
 3. Supports many platfroms apart from Android.
 4. Its a open source SSL to find letest updates. 
 5. Like WPA tester, comes with many advance features.  
Download Nmap App for Android :- ClickMe!!

16 . Arpspoof :-

Arpspoof is another simple app for wifi hacking app comes with simple UI & easy to use feature. 
This app is bassically developed for Network Auditing further its feature as one  of the best wifi hacking apps.
What is does redirect the packets on a local network by broadcasted spoofing ARP Messages.
However their is only demerit is  official Github pages won’t support to provide ready to install Arpspoof. You can build own app using C binary.
Arpspoof App Info :-

 1. App Size.  :- 400 KB
 2. App Version :- v.1.3
 3. Platform.   :- Android
 4. Developer. :- Dug Song 
Arpspoof App Features :-

 1. Best tool for network auditing & monitoring.
 2. Require Rooted Android device for work.
 3. Redirect all traffic to local network.
 4. Easy to powerful app.
 5. Works on Android & iOS platfroms. 
Download Arpspoof App for Android :- ClickMe!!

17 . WiFi Master Key Apk :-

The second last app of our wifi hacking apps list but not least. Its most secure & fastest app to hack any nearby wifi.
For hack any wifi, just install the Wifi Master Key app & find best wifi near you & just tap on wifi, easily connect them.  
This app is one of the most trusted app for wifi hacking in android & the best part its autoconnect with any near by Wi-Fi network.
Wifi Master Key App Info :-

 1. App Size.   :- 14.9 MB
 2. Require Android :- v5.0 or higher
 3. Downloads  :- 210K+
 4. Letest Version :- 
Wifi Master Key App Features :-

 1. Search nearby networks & hotspots.
 2. Fast connect ( one tap connection)
 3. Find the best one signal network.
 4. Not require technical knowledge to operate. 
Download Wifi Master Key App :- ClickMe!!

18 . AndroDumpper :-

The another top & free wifi hacking app for android named Andro Dumpper which helps their users to connect with a router that is WPS Enabled. 
For connecting any near wifi, you need to just open this app & search nearby Wi-Fi networks if availabel, its associate with this Wi-Fi network & also helps to find password of wifi.
The best part of AndroDumpper is its availabel in Google Play Store means you can directly download it from Offcial app download store not from any third party sources.
Its one of the top wifi hacking app without root means you doesn’t need to rooted android device to run this app. 
If you’re iOS device user, then this app is also one of the best wifi hacking apps for ios.
Andro Dumpper App Info :-

 1. App Size  :- Indefinite
 2. Operating System :- Android & iOS
 3. Require Android Version :- v4.0 or Higher
 4. Category  :- Network
 5. Downloads :- 10Million+ 
Features Andro Dumpper Apk :-

 1. Find Vulnerability Accession points.
 2. For proper use need Rooted Android Device.
 3. Measure signal strength & security of network.
 4. Show password of Wi-Fi networks. 
Download Andro Dumpper App :-ClickMe!!
Reccomended Articles for You :-
So here we listed 18 best wifi hacking apps which sure helps you to finding vulnaribility & pentration testing. This tools help you to crack any Wi-Fi password in minute however hack any wifi without their owner permission is iellgal. 
Well, there are many app developers are come in app market & developed many apps. In playstore millions of app uploaded to download in monthly basis.
There are thousends of wifi hacker apps which are availabel to download but here we can’t listed all apps in one article. 
So we doing some research, read reviews, cheack stats, then find 18 best wifi hacking apps which are mostly used to hack any wifi network or crack password of any wifi.
Belive me, this apps are one of the most popular app in wifi hacking areana. 
Note :- here we share this article with you only for education purpose & expected you to use this apps to your own security.hacking a WiFi without their owner permissions is criminal offense.So please use this tools responsibly.

Conclusion :- 

The above listed all apps sure help you to hack any nearby Wi-Fi & also a few apps let helps you to protect your wifi network against unknown connections. 
This Wi-Fi Hacking Apps not only save your monthly smartphone rechrage money also helps you to Master in Wi-Fi Hacking. 
Here we told you one thing that is most of listed wifi hacker app are working only on rooted android device apart from afew apps which works on both rooted & non-rooted. 
So after install & open the wifi hacking apk, if its not work don’t upset, you just need to root your android device(if you can’t done it.)
In this world of Hackers , WiFi hacking is very priorities because every hackers need data or WiFi to hack any thing in this tech world.So if you want to hack any wifi use upper describes hacking app wifi , which sure may helps you to hack a wifi network.

We again tell you to use this wifi hack app on your own responsibility.We don’t tried to promote this type of hackers.We write this article just for education purposes.

FAQ’s Related to Wifi Hacking Apps :-

1. How to hack wifi using wifi hacker app ?
Ans. :- Every app is work diffrent . So go with one app & download it. If you can’t use, read blog post related to app.
2. How to hack wifi password on android phone without app?
Ans.:- I think you can but you need good technical knowedge &ethical hacking. So i would reccommended to go with such wifi hacking apps.
3. Do wifi hacking apps work ?
Ans. :- Definatly Yes ! If you choose a best wifi hacking app then sure its work.

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