Google Pixel won’t even get unlimited storage from next year

Google has recently announced that it will not provide unlimited storage with its photos app from next year. That means the storage of the Google Photos app will also use the storage with your Gmail account. Google had earlier said that Google would get unlimited storage with pixel devices, while the company now said it would not provide unlimited storage with pixel phones from the year 2021.

Google’s decision means that there will be unlimited storage with pixel phones sold by the end of this year, but unlimited storage with pixel phones will be discontinued in the new year. According to the update so far, Google is gradually going to turn off unlimited storage and it is possible that you have to pay for the storage of Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail in the coming time.


Let’s say that Google Photos currently receive unlimited storage for high-quality images. According to Google, google photos have stored more than 4 trillion photos. Google says 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded to the Google Photos app every week. Google has said that if you don’t want to lose your photos, you can back up your photos and videos before June 2021. You can also upload your photos to Google Photos before the deadline.

For your information, Google has recently launched a new service called Google One, which is a cloud storage service. Google One is a fee-based cloud service. If your work is not being completed with 15 GB of storage, you can take the paid service of Google One.

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