Happy Dipawali Whatsapp Stickers :- How to Download & Make Your Own Happy Diwali 2020 Whatsapp Stickers

Diwali is India’s biggest festival which celebrated with high pomp & happiness in all over india as well as forgein countries. However due to this Covid-19 pendamic, we not going everyone home & wish them like other years but there are a way called Social Media… Where you can easily meet, talk & wish them happy dipawali with happy diwali status & happy dipawali wishes image.
If we talk about Social Media platform, then Whatsapp is our prior app where we can connect with our freinds & family freely. 
So here if you upset to can’t celebrate this diwali 2020 like other years, then here we told you about diwali whatsapp stickers which helps you to wishes your freinds happy diwali with whatsapp stickers without visiting their home.
There are plenty numbers of diwali sticker apps are availabel in Google Play Store & App Store to download & send them freely with your freind. So let’s explore each method how you can send diwali wishing whatsapp stickers to your whatsapp  freinds & family groups.

1 . Through Whatsapp :-

There are many of stickers is already availabel in Whatsapp Keyboard, all you need to find & send it. So let’s know the process with few simple steps…
 1. Firstly open your Whatsapp chat app.
 2. Now go in whatsapp group or individual chat whom you want to send Happy Dipawali 2020 Sticker.
 3. Now tap on write section to open keyboard, go on emoji section.
 4. Here tap on last icon given in footer called sticker section.( Note :- Remeber always on your mobile data)
 5. Here click on “+(add)” sysmbol to add more stickers.
 6. You will see many stickers budles here. If you can’t find happy dipawali stickers, you can also search it.
 7. After find, salect & download it.
 8. Once complete download, you can able to send anyone.
 9.   You’re all set ! Get ready to wish everyone happy diwali with this best diwali 2020 whatsapp stickers & bring happiness around you.  
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2 . Through Stickers App :-

As we mentioned earlier, there are in apps market a plenty number of happy dipawali wishes stickers are availabel to download & send freely. 
Sometimes in whatsapp stickers bundle you can’t find good stickers because there are only few diwali 2020 sticker are availabel. So we think to send you best happy diwali sticker apps which sure turn your diwali festival 5 times more enjoyable. 
 1. Go in your Whatsapp again & open anyone freind chat option.
 2. Now click on write option & tap on emoji section.
 3. Here tap on stickers option & tap on “+(add)” section. search happy dipawali 2020 wishes stickers.
 4. Now click on “add more stickers” option.
 5. You’ll be redirected on Google Play Store or App Store with the search result of stickers app. Here you just need to identified anyone & download it.
 6. After complete download & install, comeback in whatsapp chat section again.
 7. Now tap on write section & go on stickers section.
 8. Find thousends of “Happy Diwali 2020 Whatsapp Stickers”, salect one & send it. 

Another Quick Method :-

 1.   Go on Google Play Store( for Android users) or App Store(for iOS users).
 2. Search Diwali whatsapp stickers. Now find the best one app & download it.
 3. There are many best apps like ‘Diwali Stickers for Whatsapp’ , ‘Diwali Sticker – Diwali WA Sticker Apps’ etc. 
 4. Now download anyone & open it.
 5. Go again in whatsapp & find stickers in chat section. 
 6. Send this stickers in your freinds & family, also make your diwali more brighten with mkre happiness….!!  

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Let’s Continue…,
Here are two methods we show you to send happy diwali stickers for whatsapp & i know its quite good to wish anyone happy diwali to freinds.
But how we can send our own happy diwali wishing stickers ? Anyone knows…Don’t worry here we teach you complete process in few simple steps to make your own happy diwali sticker & send with your freinds….

3.Create Your Own Happy Diwali 2020 Whatsapp Stickers & Send it :-

Sending stickers with your own image or your name is make this sticker 10x more effective as we compared to normal stickers. 
So let’s know every step to create your own whatsapp stickers for diwali 2020 here. 
 1. For making own sticker, you need a app called “Sticker Maker “. So go in Google Play Store or App Store & download this app.
 2. After complete install, open this app.
 3. Look for some best happy dipawali message in google or social media & download them.
Like this…
 4. Open the Sticker Maker app & tap on ‘Create a New Sticker Pack’ option.
 5. Write your name for coustem sticker pack & click on “Add Sticker” option.
 6. Choose anyone of your downloaded happy dipawali 2020 wishes image. 
 7. You can also coutsmize ot according to you, if you want !
 8. After complete make of stickers, click on Publish icon, 
after which the happy diwali sticker pack is reflect in whatsapp stickers library.
 9. Now go on whatsapp & send your own stickers with your freinds.
10. Belive me its sure attract everyone….!!  
So this are our “Happy Diwali 2020 Stickers for Whatsapp” & let’s make your diwali 2020 like a biggest ever featival.

Final Words :-

As we all know Diwali is how much importent & biggest festival for Indians which celebrate with something new & full of happiness. 
But due to this Covid-19 pendamic we can’t visit our relation & nearby freinds to wish them personally. So we can use the new technology in this days.
You can send stickers for happy dipawali in your whatsapp as well as facebook & instagram to wish them personally or in group chat.
Dipawali is not only festival for fireworks or for enjoyment, this festival is much bigger then this things & especially the Diwali 2020 which is very differ from others.

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