How to Cheack Train PNR Status via Whatsapp[Ultimate Guide]

Mumbai based startup company Railofy has launching a innovative software to cheack train PNR Status on Whatsapp. Let’s known the full facts behind this Railofy developed softwere.

How to cheack train PNR status on whatsapp
Indian Railway

Tired to cheacking train PNR status with PNR Status Cheacker App & Online PNR Status Cheacker Sites, now cheack the train PNR Status with your Most Using Chatting App in daily life means Whatsapp.

As we all know technology is developed day by day & make our life more easier. So this time a new innovation comes from a newly launched mumbai based startup Railofy which already provides WL & RAC protection services, now started Whatsapp PNR Service.

Whatsapp is one of the most used chatting app. Here this app offers a braod vareity of features & some new features of whatsapp is coming on weekly basis.

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In India, Trains & Autorickshaws are lifeline for every common people & majority of Indian’s travelling daily through both of vechiles.

Indian Railway is second biggest Railway Board in World & First in Asia, so you can guess the effect in Indians life.

When anyone travelled through train, before the confirmation, he needs to chack Passenger Number Record(full form of pnr) status through PNR Status Cheacker Apps which takes more time. Even Founder of Railofy says that when a pessanger availling tickets through IRCTC, he cheacks his PNR status 10 to 20 times before the journey date.

So this PNR Status Cheacker through Whatsapp helps people to cheack PNR Status & get real time updates of train, journey deatils everything for free in direct your Whatsapp.

In this covid pendamic time where waitlisted train tickets add to pessangers worries over & getting more difficult day by day.


This Railofy developed softwere allows users to cheack pessenger number record (PNR Status) & full train journey deatils directly in your Whatsapp chat.

However this is not a new service, IRCTC train ticket booking app & few other sites providing the same feature. So if you already used this feature, its very easy to use for you.

So let’s explore how you can use this PNR Cheacker Service via Whatsapp.

How to Register For The Whatsapp PNR Service :-

Let’s known step by step how you can use this next level whatsapp feature.

1. Firstly, if your app in not Up-to-date, Update your App via Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Now save a Number of Railofy. Save this number on your phone contact list(given in below just copy & paste it.)

“No. Of Railofy Whatsapp PNR Service :- +91-9881193322”

3. Now go on Whatsapp & search the name which you save in smartphone. 

4. Now tap on Chat option & send your 10 digit PNR Status Number in chat tab. 

5. Now send the number to Railofy. After bot sending a message for confirmation. 

6. You’re all set ! Now you’re able to recieve all updates & notification regarding to PNR Status. Also its provide real time updates of train. 

Rohan Dedhia, Vaibhav Saraf, and Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founders, Railofy, said that

“As a train passenger, there are so many details one needs to take care of. Passengers have to log onto multiple apps and websites to complete a single journey, unlike a flight experience. We are streamlining this entire experience on a single platform with this new feature. We hope this will add more predictability and convenience to the overall
experience of train passengers across India.”

How to Stop Train PNR Service :-

This train pnr on whatsapp is provides you a quite good service but when you doesn’t need this pnr cheacker service, you can stop it through sending stop message to bot. 

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Final Words :-

I think this service is really good for everyone & must use it. Notably, this service is absolutly free & no need to download any app. Its also work very well when your network connection is very slow.

So just go on Whatsapp & use this PNR Status Cheacking Service now. 



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