How to get a Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile[Secret*]

Finding a ‘Master Weapon Tag’ in PUBG Mobile is not an easy work. Let’s find the simple & best tips to get a Weapon Master tag in PUBG Mobile here in this article.

Titles are best alternative representation of anyone. Its really feel happy when anyone titled with a best short name.

PUBG Mobile also provides a feature to title profiles. For getting a title in PUBG Mobile profile, you need to play PUBG like a Pro.

Earleir in a post we told you “How to get legendry item in PUBG Mobile for Freeis very helpful for PUBG Players.

PUBG set a proper guidelines & requirements to get a title tag in pubg mobile however this all are diffrent diffrent priority.

A few titles are very hard to find & its complete to impress any pubg player. This titles are make your profile like a Pro Player profile.

There are also some titles are availabel which are not much hard to find.

So let’s cheack the titles of PUBG Mobile here.

There are, we devided this titles list in two categories.

Easiest PUBG Mobile Title Rewards :-

1. Well Liked.
2. Season Ace
3. Sharp Shooter
4. Preseverance.

Hardest PUBG Mobile Title Rewards :-

1. On A Mission
2. Chiken Master
3. Unique Destiny(Most Demanding)
4. Mythic Fashion
5. Weapon Master (Let’s crack it!!)

So here we shows you most of titles in PUBG Mobile reward. As we mentioned earlier, Weapon Master title is not an easy work but we shows you a perfect roadmap to find Weapon Master tag in PUBG Mobile within few days.

But every title comes with many guidelines to achieve it & there are some requirements which you need to complete this if you want to achieve anyone of tag in PUBG.

You easily got Weapon Master tag if you kill 6 enimies in diffrent weapons but if you think you could just create a new account & do all steps in just one match against bots, then one thing we told you, must need your pubg profile in Platinum tier.

Weapon Master Requiremnets :-

There are some conditions applied to find title tag in PUBG Mobile.

Before find any title reward, you must need to know about this title & their requirements.

However in Weapon Master tag, there is only two condition is applied. Let’s cheack it…

1. Platinum League :- 

Player must require to Platinum League. 

2. The player must have :-

For finding, there are some steps are required.

1. Kill enemy with AR gun.
2. Kill Enemy with Sniper gun.
3. Kill enemy with SMG gun.
4. Kill enemy with Short gun.
5. Kill enemy with vehicle.
6. Kill enemy with Granade.

I think you got the exact idea how you get Weapon Master tag in PUBG Mobile.

Let’s cheack a mindmap to find Weapon Master tag in pubg mobile here.

Roadmap For How to Get Weapon Master Tag Easily :-

Step 1 :- Join a duo or squad match in PUBG Mobile.

Step 2 :- Choose Erangle or Miramar map where finding loot is very easy.

Step 3 :- Pick the right place to drop in map.

Step 4 :- Now cheack the requirement list of Weapons to kill enemy & finding them one by one.

Step 5 :- You must need to survvive long, so kill your enimies one by one but with a proper plan & hiding place.

Step 6 :- Now when you kill with 3 guns, drop it & find another gun, weapon & vecihle to kill remain enimies.

Step 7 :- Use Granade to kill one or more enemy. Its easy to kill with granade.

Step 8 :- Use short gun to kill nearest enemy.

Step 9 :- Now find a fast car & go the peak place to find enemy easily. Now kill them with vecihle.

Step 10 :- What’s more ! You’re all set.

Step 11 :- you must need to kill atleast 6 person with diffrent weapon. Count, if complete play in free mode or your own mode.

Step 12 :- Get ready to claim your ‘Weapon Master’ tag.

So here we show a complete roadmap to find pubg title reward. 

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We also create a mindmap, let’s cheack it here.

Mindmap to Find Weapon Master Tag in Pubg Mobile :-

Apart from Roadmap, we also share a Mindmap to claim your title in few steps.

Main Strategy :-

Open your PUBG Mobile & play in single, duo or squad match. Now drop in ending of map to better surrvvival time. Now just find the weapons & kill bots or noob players with reccommended weapons.

After complete kill with guns, now find granade & a vechiel to kill enemy. Find a fast speed car & accident a bot.

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Extreme Hacks to find Easily Weapon Master Title :-

1. Bots :- In PUBG Mobile, bots are always present. You just need to identified & use for your mission.  

2. Spot :- You must need to find a spot where loot is availabel in sufficient quantity. You can choose erangle map. You can drop in Pochinki, School or Bootcamp.

3. Drop :- Drop yourself at the end of Map to more surrvive. 

4. Duo or Squad Match :- Play in duo or squad match & says your teammate to don’t kill the noob & bots. 

5. Guns Change Trick :- Knock (but don’t kill) your enemy with your fav. Gun which you are comfortable to use & now kill with your reccomended guns. 

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Final Words :-

As we told you earlier, Titles in anything are really a great achievement expect in PUBG Mobile. So there are PUBG gives you diffrent title reward of you to do something unique & the most advantage of this Titles is its shows in your profile as well as name display list when anyone want to add you in their team. 

Its not easy to find Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile however not impossible. You just need to focus your goal & do step by step plan.


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