How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message [Secret* Tricks]

Sometimes you deleted importent whatsapp message & trying to recover it, but you can’t ? So let’s known some Fail Proof method to read deleted message on whatsapp.

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Message
How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Message 

Whatsapp is one of The World’s Most Using Chat App withover 5+ Billion worldwide users. Whatsapp is very famous for their secure chatting & top end features however there are also lack of some feature like you can’t add music on whatsapp status like Instagram Stories but still its best chatting app ever. 

Want to know…,

Whenever we long chat with anyone, for deleting this chat message, we just tap on clear chat instead of doing individual message deleting. Its a very easy & quick method to delete all message at once but when doing clear chat, many importent messages are also deleted which we can’t recover again because whatsapp can’t provide recover message option instant. So let’s brackdown the tricks behind read deleted whatsapp message.

How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages ?

When anyone chats in group & delete the message with any reason, there are a message is showing that is “This message was deleted” but you want to read it.

So let’s read this deleted whatsapp message again & enjoy if this is funny.

Method 1 :- Read Deleted Messages Using Whatsapp Chat Backup

This is my fav. method but if you don’t know how to recover delete whatsapp chat through whatsapp chat backup, so its complicant for you.

Don’t worry……,

Here we guide you to easily recover whatsapp chat again.

But, for using this method, you need to set a backup account for whatsapp. If you already done, you can easily use this method. 

Whatsapp also gives a feature to set frequency of backup viz. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & never.

If you want to recover chats, then i preffered you go with daily backup frequncy which restore your daily chats at 2 AM everyday. When you need any importent chats, just go in whatsapp chat backup data & recover it.

If you can’t use backup in your whatsapp, just go on Settings & unintsall this app. Now go on Google Play Store & install Whatsapp.

Now open your Whatsapp & login with your registerd Mobile Number. After verifying OTP, a new window is opened where you find set a gmail account for whatsapp & also set a frequency of backup. 

So just do it & now you’re ready to able read whatsapp deleted whatsapp messages.

Method 2 :- Using Whatsapp Mod Apk :-

There are many Whatsapp Mod Apk is availabel in Internate which gives multiple features at a bundle.

Many of us know about this mod apk of whatsapp but some of don’t know. So let’s known what is whatsapp mod apk.

Genrally we can says that whatsapp mod apk is mods of original whatsapp which developed by many private app developers & add more features to provide their coustmers.

There are many mod whatsapp apk for android is availabel. I’m also using a whatsapp mod apk called YoWhatsapp Apk which is give very much features, themes & coustmization option.

So how you read deleted message of whatsapp with this whatsapp mod app ?

As we know they are provide many extra features other then whatsapp, so there in YoWhatsapp a feature called ‘Anti Delete Message’ is availabel. If you enable it, when anyone delete their message in personal chat or even in group, in your whatsapp its display.

So if you also enjoy this Anti Delete Message feature you need to download this Mod Apk on Whatsapp

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Method 3 :- Using Any Third Party App :-

There are many apps which store the data like chats & notification in mobiles. So you can easily store your whatsapp chats in such apps & recover it when you need.

Here we use WhatsRemoved+ which is personally designed for read whatsapp delete message on android. This app is availabel in Google Play Store to download free & app size is around 4.39 mb.

Just search WhatsRemoved+ in Google Play Store & tap on Download. After Install, open this app. Here this app says, Accept Terms & Conditions, here this app is contain afew ads. So you need to face it !!Lol!!😂

Its require to access some permission to work in any smartphone, so just click on allow.

After allows, you just go on homepage now here you can save your all notification of smartphone. Here find Whatsapp option, now enable it to read deleted message of whatsapp.

WhatsRemoved+ now ask you to save the file or not, if you want to save click yes or say no.

After enbaling this option, you’re able to read all deleted whatsapp messages.

So what’s your opinion about this new whatsapp trick. If you liked it, also Share your Whatsapp user freinds & family group.

Final Words :-

Hope you guys, this above mentioned two method to view deleted message of whatsapp sent by someone. Here we share 3 diffrent methods but if you personally ask me which method is best to view deleted whatsapp message,  I preffred you to go with 1st & 2nd(espcially first one) because here your all whatsapp chat data is store in original app & don’t fear to loose it.

But if you using any third party app to store this type of information, its alittle bite hard to belive any app.

Sharing is Caring!!🤗



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