PUBG Mobile has not decreased its popularity even after it was banned in the country

Latest Update: China-Japan to be on this special list after PUBG Mobile India launch

PUBG Mobile has not decreased its popularity even after it was banned in the country. This is also one of the reasons why the company is now preparing to bring it back to PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile India is specially designed for India. After the launch of PUBG Mobile India, India will join a unique list of countries like China and Japan.

Pubg Mobile is actually the global version of this Battle Royale game. In addition to the global version, the regional version of PUBG is available in many Asian countries. These include Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. After the launch of PUBG Mobile India, India will also come to these countries with regional versions of Pubg. Here we tell you about the regional version of PUBG Mobile.

Korea and Japan (PUBG Mobile Korea and Japan)

PUBG Mobile is very popular in Korea and Japan regions. In these two Asian regions, PUBG Mobile has a unique currency named Donaktsu Medal. This currency can be used to buy things, including crates, from in-game stores.

Pubg Mobile Mobile in Taiwan is known as PUBG Mobile TW or PUBG Mobile Taiwan. It has been published by HotCool Games. PUBG Mobile TW can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Taiwan.

China (Game of Peace)

In China, PUBG Mobile is known as the Game of Peace China. It was launched in China in 2019. Game of Peace offers Tencent Games in China. This version of Pubg could be launched in China after strict adherence to all the rules laid down by the Chinese government.

Vietnam (PUBG Mobile Vietnam)

Offers VNG Game to PUBG Mobile in Vietnam. This version of PUBG Mobile is also very popular. This version is designed based on the needs of users. It uses the Vietnamese language.

India (PUBG Mobile India)

PubG Corporation has announced the launch of PUBG Mobile India on November 12. The company has said that it has been specially designed for India. However, the game has just been launched in the country.

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