WhatsApp comes with these features like Amazon-Flipkart, a new feature to make shopping easier on WhatsApp

The company has released a new feature to make shopping easier on WhatsApp. You must have used this feature in other e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

WhatsApp has been focusing more on the Shopping experience on its platform for some time now. It is a part of the company’s strategy. Recently, WhatsApp business had a dedicated button for shopping.

WhatsApp has now launched Carts. Add to cart button in the latest update. If you’ve used any e-commerce service, you’ll only use the cart or add to cart feature.

The WhatsApp business account has a catalog of products and can be added to the cart with a new feature. By doing so, users will be able to continue shopping while keeping the goods of different merchants in the cart while shopping.

Under WhatsApp’s cart feature, you can also remove some of the items you put in the cart at any time. This feature is for Whatsapp business accounts, but if the normal user visits a merchant account for some shopping, these options will be available.

The company is constantly expanding the WhatsApp business. The company wants more small businesses to come to WhatsApp so that app use increases and benefits more.

Now that WhatsApp has also launched WhatsApp Pay in India, Whatsapp business is also expected to benefit immensely. Also Read Open Fixed Deposit on WhatsApp, ICICI Bank Bank offering the feature.

WhatsApp Pay is not available to all WhatsApp users at present as NPCI has imposed capping on UPI payments and WhatsApp Pay is also UPI-based.

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